Last classes are today at CMC center in Vail |

Last classes are today at CMC center in Vail

Scott N. Miller
Vail Daily/Shane MacomberColorado Mountain Collage classes end this Thursday due to their new building in Edwards and Joan Newby and the rest of the school gets packed up and ready to go.

When Colorado Mountain College’s Vail campus opened at Cascade Village in 1981, it was widely referred to as the Taj Mahal. As of tomorrow, the Vail center, like the landmark in India, is just more vacant office space.When the lights go out tonight at the Vail center, it will mark the end of more than 20 years of classes at the site. After movers come in Friday, classes will start Monday at the new CMC campus in Edwards.While the Vail site has served students well over the years, a lot of employees and students are ready for the change.”It’s a new facility, with new classrooms and labs; we don’t have that here,” student Kristin Van Norman said.Like most students, Van Norman drives into Vail for classes. For those students, the Edwards campus will be more convenient. For a few others, like Vail resident Rob Reed, the move will be an inconvenience, although there will be bus service via the county’s ECO transit system.

“I’m going to have to drive now and there’s no easy access to computers here,” Reed said. Still, Reed said the new campus is going to be nice.That sentiment was echoed by those who work at the community college’s Vail campus.Like most students, most of the full-time staff at the Vail center will have shorter commutes, new offices, and, unlike the somewhat cave-like Cascade Village site, direct windows in or near virtually every work space in the building.For now, though, the promise of shiny new space is tempered by the drag of moving. Still, the process seems to be going fairly well. A Denver-based company has been hired to shred and dispose of the campus’s older records, with the rest going into boxes. With most of the office staff on the job a relatively short time in Vail, voyages to the bottoms of desks haven’t held too many surprises. “I did find some wiring at the back of some drawers,” administrative assistant Joan Newby said.

“I’d say about a quarter of the stuff in my office has gone (in the trash),” Division Director Donna McGinnis said. Instructor Tee Herbst said she’s discovered a lot of obsolete computer manuals while rummaging though drawers and cabinets. And, of course, she expects some teething pains at the new facility.”In general, I think we’re well-prepared for flexibility and problem-solving,” Herbst said. While thousands of students have passed through the Cascade Village campus over the years, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of nostalgia for the old place. New classrooms will do that.Oh say can you CMC?

1981: CMC opens Vail center at Cascade Village2,600: Approximate number of students per year who used the campus35,000: Approximate number of students who have taken classes in Vail$7 million: Price of new Edwards campus$3 million: Asking price for CMC’s Cascade Village space, not including parking190: Credit and non-credit courses run from the Vail center per year

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