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Nate Cummings, Vail

Most of us moved here searching for our little slice of heaven, and that’s fine. It’s everybody’s right. However, it is ignorant to assume that we don’t have to share.

Maybe you can afford to have a bigger slice than most others, but that changes nothing. As it was so well put by Mark Gordon, this is not a private club and the attitude of “everyone who moved here after me sucks” does not go over well with me or anyone I know.

In order to maintain a quality resort, happy and satisfied workers are an absolute requirement. This is a fact that certain people in positions of influence do not seem to learn.

They whined about Vail Commons, and they whined about Donovan Park. Remember when residents in the Potato Patch area opposed the affordable housing next to them because they were afraid of parties, loud music and vandalism? My God, was that a joke!

I wonder how many homeowners in Vail Village have actually spent time in the trenches, living paycheck to paycheck doing manual labor in a sweaty kitchen or a blazing hot construction site. Maybe lots have, I’m not sure, but right now that’s how we work and affordable housing is what we need.

To those such as Mr. Kosloff who oppose the Middle Creek project, I’m sure there was a time not so long ago when you were working hard and getting paid by the hour. If there wasn’t, then there should have been.

You already have your big slice of heaven. Please don’t be so selfish as to assume the world won’t change around it. Welcoming change and learning to adapt, especially for something as justified as affordable housing is part of what it means to be human.

Even though I may be bad-mouthing a few people here, that’s all it is. I can’t hate someone because of politics or economic status, and we are all part of this community.

We have all struggled once, so never grow too old to remember or too wealthy to care.

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