Launch rockets at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon |

Launch rockets at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon

Daily staff report

AVON — Walking Mountains is once again partnering with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to bring programming to the Vail Valley. Together they’re bringing Rocket Works! Museum instructor Amanda Avram out to present three rocket programs to our local budding physicists.

Kids and adults will get the chance to delve into rocketry, including engineering and refining their own creations.

They’ll design, create and launch their own paper rockets and discuss flight results. Programs will be held at the Science Center in Avon on Saturday and Sunday.

As the engineer, participants will go full throttle and experiment with the basic principles of flight and motion. Kids will learn basic physics of flight terms: gravity, thrust, lift and drag.

Denver museum presenters will be bringing an air powered launcher that was designed and constructed specifically for this program in collaboration with a local engineer and engineers from United Launch Alliance. The launcher uses air from bike pumps as its propellant and allows two rockets to launch simultaneously for easy comparison.

Students will build their paper rocket from the ground up, starting with a film canister as the base. All of the rest of the rocket design decisions will be left to the students. Everyone will be able to launch their rocket multiple times, allowing for corrections of design if they want their rocket to fly for an x-distance on a specific trajectory or at a different height.

The program is appropriate for children age 8 and older (up to eighth grade) and the cost is $5 per person. Call 970-827-9725 to make your reservation.

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