Lauren Glendenning: Your news is our news |

Lauren Glendenning: Your news is our news

Lauren Glendenning

As the new community editor at the Vail Daily, I’d like to call upon all of our readers to be more involved with the newspaper. My job is to reach out to those who are involved in our community and make sure every bit of local news heard. To do this, I need your help.

The Vail Daily has long depended on its readers for news tips and story ideas. You are the people who live, work and play in this community. Nobody knows what’s happening or wants to know what’s happening in your community more than you.

The valley’s big events and hot topics are typically the top priorities for the Daily’s news reporters, but that doesn’t mean other news isn’t important. We just can’t get to everything, but we want to, and that’s where we rely on our readers for help.

Did last night’s softball game go into extra innings and your team won in a blaze of glory? Write something about it, blog about it or just send in some photos. I will make sure the news gets published on our Web site immediately. Your tidbit may even be chosen to run in the print edition of the paper.

Did your children look especially cute playing on the playground this afternoon? Send us the photos!

Another area we’re looking to expand is guest columns. The valley is full of so many unique and interesting folks, involved in so many different activities. From the volunteers who spend their time with nonprofits to the avid cyclists who train for races to business and political leaders, we want to hear from you.

Maybe you’re a single mother who wants to share your story about raising children here on a single income. Maybe you’re a parent who discovered a home remedy for your child’s ailment that you’d like other parents to know about. Send your guest column to

Maybe you’re a physical therapist with advice for athletes’ joints and muscles. Are you someone who enjoys cooking and you want to share recipes, tips and techniques? The Vail Daily wants to be your forum.

Some of our print readers may not know about our re-designed Web site at The new design allows readers a lot of personal access to the site. You can create a username ” all you need to do this is a valid e-mail address ” and from there you can blog, comment on stories or photos, post videos and photos.

The blogs on the Web site can cover just about anything. A blog is loosely defined, especially on It can be a quick sentence telling others about a cool movie you saw or a great Web site, it can be a personal rant or rave about something you saw, experienced or ate, it can be an online diary of random thoughts ” it’s really up to you.

We also want encourage our bloggers to use blogs on as a way to communicate with each other. For example, look for a carpooling blog on Thursday. Readers will be able to coordinate carpooling groups via the comment section of the “carpoolgoddess” blog. Whether you want to carpool on behalf of the environment or on behalf of your wallet, you’ll be able to connect with others who want to do the same.

We’re open to creating as many blog categories as needed. If you have ideas for blogs, call or e-mail me and I’ll set it up. If you need access to a digital camera to send in photos, I can help you with that too. If you’re still unsure about where to begin, or you need help navigating through the Web site or thinking of the right words to write about your news events, I’m here to help you.

Let’s help each other gather news to publish for all to see! Regular contributors also will receive recognition and prize ” we won’t take you for granted. The Vail Daily needs you, and we thank you for being such wonderful assets to this community.

Lauren Glendenning can be reached at, or at (970) 748-2983.

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