Law enforcement academy graduates new class of ‘scholar-warriors’ |

Law enforcement academy graduates new class of ‘scholar-warriors’

Officers will take their places in local agencies

Taser training, both tasing andbeing tased, is part of the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy. Eighteen new "scholar/warriors" will take their place in local law enforcement agencies.
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Scholar-warriors do not wage war, they protect the peace.

The Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy graduated a dozen and a half new law enforcement officers from a program based out of Colorado Mountain College’s Spring Valley campus in Glenwood Springs. The new officers will take their places in local Western Slope agencies as “scholar-warriors,” explained Heather Dugan, assistant director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“Scholars know their subject matter very well. Warriors fight in battles, both physical and intellectual,” Dugan said, adding that law enforcement officers must be both.

“You are graduating from citizen to scholar-warrior,” Dugan said.

The new officers join the profession at an interesting time.

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“As a profession, we’re facing some difficult challenges. But anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm,” Dugan said. “Once your badge is pinned over your hearts for the first time, your words and actions will be evaluated. Not only by your superiors but by the public. Your actions will change the face of law enforcement. The question is, will you change it for the better?”

Last week’s graduates will see some glorious examples of human beauty and glory, Dugan said.

“You’ll also see the darkness and evil some allow to flourish in their hearts,” she said.

Dugan reminded the graduates that completing the training academy is the first step, encouraging them to continue learning and improving.

“There is no growth in your comfort zone, and no comfort in your growth zone,” Dugan said. “The desire for safety keeps us from moving forward. Be bold in your decisions, but choose wisely.”

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