Laws get meaning in Minturn |

Laws get meaning in Minturn

Vail Daily Editorial Board

We applaud the Minturn Town Council for deciding to enforce the town’s nuisance law Wednesday night.

A well-known violator of the law now faces a possible fine for not cleaning up his property after receiving letters and pleas from town officials.

The council simply is meeting its most basic duty, which is to ensure that laws in Minturn are more than just words in a book. The nuisance law was enacted four years ago, but Wednesday night was the first time anyone paid the price for violating it.

Minturn’s long-standing laissez-faire attitude toward the state of residents’ properties has gone beyond the concept of property rights; it’s made parts of the town look rundown and unattractive. That’s not exactly the impression a town trying to lure more business and tourists wants to make. Nor is it the way Minturn residents themselves want to live. in a recent survey, residents complained that too many of their neighbors were given too much freedom to leave trash, tires, jalopies and broken appliances on their front lawns.

Minturn clearly wants to clean itself up and the Town Council is paving the way for the scrubbing to begin.

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A spruced-up Minturn will provide a much better gateway to the private ski resort and golf course that will be built south of town, as well. And no amount of tidying up will rid Minturn of the quirkiness and uniqueness that so many enjoy.

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