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Leaders show lack of nerve

Don Rogers

Gosh, wouldn’t want to rush a decision to build a conference center in Vail more than two years after after voters told their timid leaders to go for it.No, the big “go-no go” (did we mention the voters already made this decision?) final-final-final-we-promise decision was delayed from now to February. Nope, wouldn’t want to rush things. Looks like Vail’s ever-present naysayers have won another round. Score another point for the faint hearts who seem to have taken over what once was a bold town that rocketed to the top of the skiing world because its leaders spent much less time hemming and hawing about all the things in life to be scared about and focused on getting the job done.Just imagine, if today’s Chicken Littles were around in the late 1950s and early ’60s.Gosh, they’d say, there already are so many ski resorts in the world. Why, you can drive to half a dozen within a few hours of this ranch to any of them. This could never work. What are we thinking?Ford Amphitheater? Inconceivable. Dobson Ice Arena? No way. Even the Donovan Pavilion was supposed to be a big flop, and it did take forever to get doneYes, there’s risk. There always is. Yes, conference halls do not function as profit centers by themselves. It does require a little intellectual effort to understand that their contribution lies in the business they bring to the private enterprises supporting the groups that conference centers attract. Prudence with such enterprises is a great thing. But at two years after the fateful election and running, it’s beginning to look like due diligence is morphing toward failure of nerve.Vail’s enemy is less other resorts, global warming and the chance that snow riders will turn away from the greatest of experiences. No, it’s a community built on pride, care and boldness turning chicken. Vail, Colorado

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