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Leadville bus rates

Steve Erickson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Eagle County made a wise move with its recently completed Leadville bus barn capable of sending six buses per day to Eagle County.

Recognizing the benefits of an excellent work force in the Leadville area, Eagle County commissioners are looking long-range for pieces of the puzzle to reduce pressure on the valley’s housing, police and fire, day-care and traffic problems.

To raise bus fares for the Leadville work force is a dumb move that discourages Leadville workers from commuting to Eagle County businesses. Summit County may look better to them.

It is about the same distance. The cost of employee-housing projects locally to replace the 2,000 or so Leadville workers would more than pay for the bus ride.

Eagle County should want to encourage Leadville workers to come here for their paychecks. It is a real cost-saving benefit to the Eagle County business owners and residents.

Steve Erickson


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