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Learn the protocol for Eagle-Vail production

Bart Garton
Rocky Horror Musings
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: Edwards resident and Vail Valley Theater Company cast member Bart Garton is writing a series of “journals” about his experience rehearsing for “The Rocky Horror Show,” showing Oct. 22, 23, 29 and 30 at the old Battle Mountain High School in Eagle-Vail.

This one cracks me up. People in this valley keep telling me how excited they are that “the Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show is coming!”

Let’s correct that. I know we’re conditioned to follow the word “rocky” with “mountain” in this valley, but in this case it doesn’t really apply. And “picture” refers to the film version of this play, the original being performed onstage. So, what everyone’s getting so hopped up about is actually: The Vail Valley Theatre Company’s production of “The Rocky Horror Show.” Much simpler, really.

Our show is being presented at what is now called “The Dowd Junction Facility.” But most of us know it as the old Battle Mountain High School. We’ve been rehearsing there for the past few weeks, and it’s a perfect location. The ghosts of high school students still roam the corridors amidst unhinged light fixtures, doorless bathroom stalls, and artistically tagged cinder block walls. It will be fixed up – somewhat – for the performance to make it comfortable for the audience, but we still want to keep the old “Frankenstein Castle” feel of the show alive in this scary old place.

The timing is appropriate, too. The first weekend (Oct. 22 and 23) will sport a full moon for us. The second weekend (you figure it out) is Halloween. If you’ve ever thought about seeing this show and going all out with costumes (wigs, heavy makeup, heels, boustiers) and props (toast, cards, newspapers, flashlights, toilet paper, rubber gloves), this is the opportunity to fulfill that disturbing fantasy of yours. You go with your bad, somewhat perverted self!

So, in last week’s journal I promised to describe the protocol on how to attend this spectacle in full participatory mode. Then I discovered that there are about 92 different answers to that. It seems everyone has experienced this in different times and places; some conventions being absolutely regional, while others cross the borders and become pretty much universal.

An example: Whenever you hear the name “Brad Majors,” you’re supposed refer to him as a certain bodily orifice that culminates your digestive system. This is funny at first, but please don’t overuse it, as the actor playing Brad is a really good guy and I don’t want his feelings hurt. Anyway, that’s just one item of hooliganism to whet your whistle.

Here’s your best bet: Go to rockyhorror.com/participation and there’s a bunch of ideas there. We will also have a quickie guide available with goodie bags for sale with some of the more useful props.

And, speaking of websites, don’t miss vvtc.org and check out the video blogs. You’ll get an insider’s look at rehearsals and a preview of the fun about to be had. Plus, you can nail down performance times and dates and get your tickets at a discount.

Next time you hear from me, we’ll be entrenched in “hell week” leading up to the performance. So let me just apologize in advance for the trivial mish mash of words that may disgorge from my feeble mind.

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