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Learn to cope with stress at free talk in Edwards

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VAIL CO, Colorado

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Too much to do, too much to worry about, not enough time, money, or energy to really enjoy life? Nothing left over to accomplish what you truly want? Soaring levels of stress have become the shared experience among a great many people these days. All humans naturally experience some level of stress on a daily basis since it is, after all, an innate part of being alive. And though the human body is highly resilient, forgiving and adaptable, too much stress eventually can become an obstacle to a person’s health and happiness.

Join Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic Saturday from 3 to 4 p.m. for a free presentation on stress management. Naturopathic physician Shana McQueen and acupuncturist Dustin Bergman will discuss how excess stress manifests in the body and how it can be effectively addressed using naturopathic and Chinese medical principles. Learn methods for transforming stress into relaxation despite the difficulties that may be going on around you. Find out how to help your body manage daily stressors more effectively while also increasing your energy, reducing pain and inflammation, and improving your overall health.

“As people learn to identify their own stressors and gain the tools necessary to better manage these stressors, life begins to improve in many ways,” McQueen said. “No matter your personal circumstances, learning how to best support your body during times of stress can be one of the most significant ways to maintain and enhance your overall health and happiness.”

Chronic stress has a way of obstructing good health. It is a major contributing factor in nearly all forms of illnesses, both chronic and acute. These can include, but are not limited to: frequent colds, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart disease, insulin-resistance and depression. High levels of stress also interfere with sleep and hormone balance, and can lead to problems with allergies, weight gain and weight loss.

For more information about the talk and to RSVP (not required), call 970-926-7606 or email mcqueen@healthref.com.

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