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Legalizing drugs

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Tom Boyd’s tongue-in-cheek Dec. 6 column underscored the hypocrisy of the war on some drugs. The goal of a “drug-free” America that so many politicians claim to be working towards applies only to certain drugs. Specifically, natural drugs that cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical industry, one of Washington’s most powerful lobbies.New lifestyle drugs are routinely granted approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, while marijuana, which has a history of documented medical use that dates back thousands of years, allegedly requires further research.Despite a relatively brief period on the market, the blatantly recreational drug Viagra has already killed more people than marijuana, a relatively harmless plant that has never been shown to cause an overdose death.By raiding California’s voter-approved medical marijuana clubs, the very same federal government that claims illicit drug use funds terrorism is forcing cancer and AIDS patients into the hands of street dealers. Meanwhile, children as young as two-years-old are routinely prescribed Ritalin, a prescription amphetamine similar to cocaine in effects. So much for protecting the children from drugs.One need only follow the money trail to find out why a given policy exists.Thank you for your consideration.Robert SharpeM.P.A. Program Officer Drug Policy AllianceWashington, D.C.Thankful recoveryAs I usher in the new year, I have so many people to thank who were instrumental in my recent treatment for breast cancer. I am deeply grateful for the care I received at the Shaw Cancer Center and Vail Valley Medical Center, and from our tremendous health care professionals from Drs. Rifkin and Hardenbergh and their staffs, to the radiation specialists and the nurses.Our mountain community is so fortunate to be able to benefit from their expertise and personal care; on my last day of treatment, I was given balloons, a certificate of completion and was taken out to lunch.Many heartfelt thanks to my friends, clients and many whom I have never met who donated money through FirstBank or the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. To the boards of the Charitable Fund and the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group, thank you for all that you have done.And thank you to the Lutheran Brotherhood, DJ’s and my awesome employer, Salon Nouveau, for your continued support and friendship. All of you provided me with such a sense of security as I went through treatment. I wish everyone health and happiness in the new year, and I look forward to catching up with you all at the salon!Sherrie TaylorWest Vail

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