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Let it snow!

by Alex Miller

Frank Sinatra once said that he pitied non-drinkers, because when they got up in the morning, that’s the best they’d fell all day. Similarly, we High Country dwellers can pity those in most other places, because they’ll never know the exhilaration that comes from a truly good dump of snow.

Oh, sure, they can have nice days, pretty sunsets and even an occasional snowman-worthy snowfall. But when it snows in ski country like it’s been doing this fall, it transcends the quick shot of happiness a spell of pleasant weather brings and moves us into a whole ‘nother plane of existence.

Big snow means a lot to us here in the Vail Valley. It means great skiing, but it also means a boost for our economy as well as our outlook on water supplies into next spring and summer. Barring a big dip in snowfall in the winter and spring, we could be on track for an epic year on the rivers in 2006, and our concerns about water ” which we should never forget ” can at least go on a back burner.

The more intangible thing is how snow affects our psyche, both as individuals and as a community. Maybe a surfing community experiencing a long stretch of great swells is analogous, but mostly it’s a snow-country phenom: Snow makes us happy. Sure, it can be a pain in the butt on the roads, causing a fair number of problems, but overall its presence cheers us like no other substance ” legal or otherwise.

So, let it snow, and don’t bother dreaming of a white Christmas ” it’s already here, in spades.

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