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Let the music play

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Vail should allow “amplified music” until midnight.

The current law says bands can’t play on decks, with windows open or otherwise “amplified” after 10 p.m., no exceptions. The police even hand out tickets.

The town is considering extending that to 11 p.m.

This is one of the world’s busiest and most renowned ski resorts. What kind of fuddy-duddy international vacation destination tells the bands to go home before some tourists have even left their hotel rooms?

Those who are bothered by the noise on weekends should realize they live in downtown Vail, the center of the tourist universe in this spiral arm of the Rocky Mountains, and they’ll have to deal with a little more exuberance than if they lived, say, along the Colorado River Road or way out on Tennessee Pass.

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The current marketing mantra is to make the children of the Baby Boomers, who are now spending all the money, Vail’s future customers, time-share investors and second-home buyers.

How is a town that ratchets down on the revelry at such an early hour going to endear itself to these kids?

Vail already has a reputation of being upper-crusty in a dull kind of way that’s different than Aspen’s celebrity kookiness.

When today’s teenagers and spring-breakers start disposing of their income a decade or so from now, they may remember Vail’s stuffy, library-like nightlife.

And they’ll make reservations for their families in Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge or somewhere in California.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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