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Let’s keep priorities straight

Bill Sepmeier
Vail, CO, Colorado

Pandemic: Pan-dem-ic, a. [L. pandemus, Gr.- all the people: cf. F. pand[‘e]mique.] Affecting a whole people or a number of countries; everywhere epidemic.

The World Health Organization is today reporting 236 cases of “swine” flu around the world but says it’s not expecting to declare a pandemic anytime soon, though WHO has now raised its global alert level to phase 5, just one level below 6, or “global pandemic.”

Two-hundred-thirty-six people? That won’t fill the orchestra seating section of the Vilar Center.

Two-hundred-thirty-six people down with flu globally doesn’t meet the definition of “pandemic.”

What is more epidemic, even pandemic, is the baldfaced theft of trillions of taxpayer dollars by bankers and insurance companies ” public funds that are now obviously creating another stock market bubble in the face of unprecedented job losses and overall real economic contraction, another “bubble bonanza” for the same small group of banksters who “own Washington,” according to Sen. Durbin.

Let’s try to keep our priorities in focus, despite the hysteria in the corporate cable TV media.

Bill Sepmeier


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