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Let’s presume Kobe’s Innocent

Rohn Robbins

Kobe Bryant is innocent. I don’t know he’s innocent from reviewing the evidence. Like most of you, I have no access to the evidence and can only surmise what might have led to charges being filed.

What I do know, however, is the law. And the law is unremitting, emphatic and jealous in protecting an accused from a rush to judgment.

The law says that Kobe Bryant is innocent. Period. Unless and until he is proven otherwise.

The presumption of “innocence,” as simple as it may sound, is one of the most fundamental and essential bedrocks of democracy. It is what generations of Americans have suffered, fought and died for. It is the bright and shining beacon that calls the huddled masses to our shores. It is the ideal that preserves us as a nation, apart, distinct, and frankly, better than most nations that have had their turn in history.

Each of us has our own small role to play in preserving and protecting this most fundament

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