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Let’s stop hollering, and vote on Eagle River Station when time comes

David Dillon
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I applaud Don Rogers’ editorial on the Eagle River Station controversy. This is the first time I have heard a true voice of unemotional reason throughout the whole hullabaloo.

I kept my mouth shut until now because it I didn’t want to be ridden out of town on a rail. Especially since, while I don’t agree with all those voicing their opinions, I respect them, I believe they are sincere in their positions pro or con and I genuinely want people to be happy where they live.

The thing is, not all of us live here for the same reasons and not all of us share one single view of where Eagle should be going. But, as long as we all work here, spend here and pay taxes and we all contribute to the quality of life here, we are all entitled to our beliefs.

Not everyone lives here because they cherish the small-town feel. We are here for different reasons. Some are into winter sports. Some came here for work and now cannot leave because they’d not be able to pick up where they left off somewhere else. Others married people who already lived here. Some are caring for relatives or cannot leave because of custody issues with their children.

The “small town” element was incidental or unimportant to many and those people have the same right to their opinions as those who are here because they grew up here or because it is a pretty little town.

Me, I live here because my family had all moved here. I personally would not have chosen a small town to live in, but it wasn’t my choice and I wanted to be near my family, so here I am.

But I’m not all that crazy about driving two hours east or west to find shopping other than Wal-Mart or Penney’s, and Vail Pass makes it a downright drudge in the winter. So I’d be thrilled to death to have a shopping center nearby.

It would seem to me that the tax revenue, the jobs, locals spending here rather than in Denver or Grand Junction and others coming here instead of driving to one of those other places as well seem not to be bad things.

But it all comes back to the fact that we all have different ideas of what we like a town to be.

I think that property values here are ridiculous for what is offered. A little research showed me that the cost of living is higher and average homes are more expensive in Eagle than in Chicago and on a par with New York and San Francisco.

And just try to rent here! Teeny tiny lock offs for what would get you a two or three bedroom apartment in Denver or a house in Grand Junction is appalling to me.

Those of average to lower incomes are being shut out at the same time residents are arguing for the continuation of the “small-town” existence, which I personally find ironic.

But if that’s the direction that Eagle is going in, then Eagle will have to accept that it will have to offer some people more for that high cost of living than scenery and skiing and that “more” is the convenience of additional shopping, dining and leisure and cultural activities.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about the slopes, but I could easily spend a day wandering around Cherry Creek Mall.

People keep building homes, people keep having kids and the population keeps growing.

It is only logical that the town simply must grow along with it. It’s manifest destiny. The sprawl has to go somewhere.

Progress doesn’t go backwards. Whether people like it or not, this or a similar project will come to Eagle at some point, and life will change. The questions are simply what and when.

So please don’t kill me because I disagree with many of you.

As Don Rogers suggests, it should simply be put to a vote. That is what a democracy is all about.

Then everyone can stop the emotions and the bickering and resign themselves to the majority opinion. I even promise to shut up.

David Dillon


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