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Let’s work together

Gus Nicholson
Avon, CO, Colorado

Yes, if you want to believe the flame fanners, our nation is polarized. It’s about 65 percent fed up with trickle-down economics and 35 percent don’t vote for the lefties even though taking the federal government apart has just not worked out as the dogmatists planned.

Look, the main thing is to face the future without fear, especially from each other. We are all Americans, and at the end of the day, we must unite as Americans to solve the challenges that have been piling up on all of us.

The best thing we can do is get rid of the word “fear” and bring in the word “trust,” as in, I’ll trust the man or woman on the opposite side of the aisle to negotiate in good faith, to work with me and my representatives to work out a solution that makes sense, not one that reflects dogma, or agenda or special interest.

That’s done nothing for us. Sounds idealistic? What’s the cynical realism of the last 28 years done for us? Let’s work together toward a new future, one that helps us today and digs our kids out of the hole we put them in with our partisan bickering. You wrote a really good and honest letter, and that’s why so many responded. But just because someone is right or left doesn’t make them correct and the other point of view automatically wrong. Nor does guilt by association make the practice valid. That’s what the next four years will be about.

And, trust me, we’ll all be watching.

Gus Nicholson Denver and Avon

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