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Letter: 7A is a thank you to our rivers and streams

A friend of mine used to joke that rivers don’t talk, they just wave.

Usually, all we can do is wave back. Which is true: There’s not much I can say to the rivers, streams, ponds and lakes of our Rocky Mountains for all they’ve done for me. They provide drinking water, for one. They provide the basic foundation for all life, so I suppose that’s pretty important, not to mention agriculture and recreation. A life of kayaking and fishing with my dad, friends, family, and now my own sons, has more meaning than I could express.

Now I have a way to say “thank you” back to Colorado’s rivers and streams: by voting yes on ballot measure 7A.

For the price of few cups of coffee ($1.90 per year, per $100,000 of market value of your residence and $7.72 per $100,000 in value of your business, much of which can be deducted on federal tax), we can support the Colorado River District during a critical time. The district, because of the Gallagher Amendment and TABOR, is being forced to reduce the budget by $480,000 by 2022. That’s something all of us in Colorado simply can’t afford.

I want our rivers and streams running full and healthy, not unprotected and up for grabs.

Please join me in a yes vote on 7A.

Tom Boyd

Board Member, Eagle River Watershed Council

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