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Letter: A look at the numbers on Proposition 113

In the election of 2016, the national popular vote was as follows: 65,844,954 votes for Hillary Clinton, 62,979,879 votes for Donald Trump with a difference of 2,865,075 votes.

In California, Clinton won 8,753,788 votes to Trump’s 4,483,810 for a difference of 4,269,978 votes.

If you take the national vote minus California, Clinton had 57,091,166 votes to Trump’s 58,496,069 for a difference of 1,404,903 votes.

The difference of 4,269,075 was enough to eliminate all the other 49 states.  Without California, Donald Trump would have won the popular vote.  California, by itself, would have overridden and dominated the entire election, regardless of the rest of the country. 

With popular vote only, they can do that again. Current voting margins are in the 2-4% range. The Electoral College was set up to protect the presidential election to ensure all states have a voice. Each state in the college has the same footprint as representatives in Congress, plus two — one for each senator. 

Wyoming, with its population of about 578,000, has three electors while California, with a population of about 40,000,000, has 55 electors. 

California is 68 times the population, but only 18 times the electoral delegates. This guarantees Wyoming a small but much more significant voice in the presidential election. The president must be elected by every state. I do not want one state to control the entire election.  Vote no on Proposition 113.                

Walt Olsen


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