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Letter: A pain-free way to get around Eagle Co.

Bob "I feel the pain" Moroney
Citizens for Social Capital

What will it take for us to park our cars for commuting and take the bus? How about $4 per gallon gas. Do you feel the pain yet?

I have lived in the valley for more than 17 years and (embarrassingly) had never used our county bus system until recently( I feel the pain). I travel from Eagle to Avon seven days per week, I figure each roundtrip in my 25-mile per gallon Subaru costs me more than $8 per day in fuel costs alone or around $3,000 per year and that’s not including depreciation, maintenance, and a set of snow tires every two years.

I figured out that if I can take the bus 60 percent of the time, it would realistically save me $1,800 per year. Note, I proudly take advantage of county’s free bus pass for seniors, so I ride for free. The regular monthly pass for unlimited travel is $60 per month and many of the valley’s employers will pay for or contribute to your pass purchase.

I thought that because the bus doesn’t stop close to where I work that it would be a hassle, so I leave an old junk bike at the bus stop and enjoy the short two-mile ride to my office (the buses can also accommodate up to two bikes so you might be able to bring yours along for the ride).

I know everyone has concerns about needing a vehicle during the day to run errands, etc, but I guess my point is you can work through those objections when you feel the pain.

The buses are clean, run on schedule, and the drivers and staff at ECO Transit are courteous and very helpful in answering your questions. I strongly recommend you research how you can make it work for you.

Also, for all you drivers out there traveling I-70 at 75 mph and over: quit complaining about the price of gas and slow down to 65. On such relatively short trips from Eagle or Gypsum, you are not saving any time and it really is costing you money.

Are you feeling the pain yet?

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