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Letter: A reply to Ms. Spinelli

Gus Nicholson
Vail CO, Colorado

The first thing wrong with Ms. Spinelli’s take on Sen. Barack Obama’s likelihood in becoming the 44th president of these Unit-ed States is her use of the word ” fear.”

As an independent voter, I can assure her that my support for this candidate is not out of “blind adu-lation” but out of a profound fatigue of the politics of the right, which her party espouses and which are firmly rooted in the pol-itics of fear.

Tell me, why does tax relief for the middle class spell s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s- m for the right but the bailout of Wall Street doesn’t? Why is it acceptable for taxpayers to foot the bill for Congress’s health-care plan, while broadening that cover-age to all average Americans spells socialized medicine?

Ms. Spinelli should understand that the politics of fear end on Nov. 4. If Sen. McCain, by some oddity, is elected president instead of Sen. Obama, I will not fear his presidency. She should not fear Barack Obama’s.

Gus Nicholson

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