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Letter: Adult drug use just as bad

Joshua Moist
Vail CO, Colorado

Well first off, from personal experience I know that the statistics you have in your report are wrong. Way more students at Eagle County High Schools use drugs and/or alcohol. I have seen or heard of most students at Battle Mountain and several from Eagle Valley use drugs or alcohol.

You are right in saying that it is a norm because it is. In this valley, people live for pleasure, and drugs and alcohol give them a large measure of that pleasure. Most students that I know are either chronic alcoholics and/or drug users. People in general in this valley are chronic alcoholics and/or drug users. That fact makes me curious as to how anyone could expect teenagers to stay away from drugs. The fact is that drugs are everywhere and so is alcohol, except in dry counties.

I’m not trying to say don’t fight it, but its hard when most people in the region are doing the same thing. Maybe instead of focusing on the youth, you should focus on the adults. Every youth has an adult that they look up to; do you think that they will say no to drugs or alcohol if their role model doesn’t? What the towns should look at is cracking down on the drinking and drugging done by adults.

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