Letter: Always fun following Pepi down the mountain

I first met Pepi 20 years ago when we moved to Vail full-time and I signed up for Wedel Weeks. It was somewhat intimidating to ski with him in the beginning, especially when he said, “You, follow me.” He was tough to follow.

Pepi  could really turn the skis and would often say, “You need to ski loco loco.” He did enjoy making all the group wedel and he would tell you in no uncertain terms if your turns were not what he wanted to see. Through the years three generations of my family have had lots of great turns and times following Pepi down the mountain. We will miss him both on the mountain and at the dinners where he always wanted to know, “Have you had a good time?” and “Have you got your money’s worth?”

We always did, and will not forget those wonderful weeks spent with a legend. It is a joy to my family that the Wedel Week tradition will continue in Pepi’s memory.

David Goldstein

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