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Letter: America must re-grow its spine

T. Anderson
Edwards, CO Colorado

One need not “love war” to acknowledge the need for war.

Hope is not fulfilled through rhetoric and hollow promises from an empty suit. Hope requires deeds, not words. Hope for true sustainable peace around the globe will never be realized through the misguided efforts of corrupt organizations such as the United Nations, or those who embrace such ideals. True sustained peace between nations has never been achieved through words alone, but through the force of war. Anyone who claims war never solved anything is not merely a fool, but ignorant of history. War has produced lasting peace among nations who not only tolerate one another, but who are friends, allies and economic partners.

The junior senator from the corrupt state of Illinois speaks of change; loose change, small change, the kind of change left over after we all pay his first year’s tax bill. We’re talkin’ “brother can ya spare a dime” sort of change, because the only way to finance his wet dreams is by taking everything we have to pay for them. Meanwhile, in yet another naive and misguided effort to appease and placate, he would entertain discussions with the world’s remaining tyrants, fascists and oppressors of their own people in Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and elsewhere. Those who advocate such policies are clearly inexperienced, foolish and dangerously naive.

The U.S.A. has lost respect in the world not because we freely flaunt our power, but because all too frequently we fail to do so when provoked. America was not safer under Bill Clinton’s administration. In 1993, President Clinton failed to offer an appropriate response after the first World Trade Center bombing, he failed to do anything at all about the attacks and bombings of the Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers Military complex in 1996, Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy in 1998, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania U.S. Embassy in 1998, and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen in 2000.

The current cadre of Democrat candidates would bring more of the same. The Democrats would have us continue this practice of cowering and kowtowing to punks and bullies the world over. This is why we’ve lost respect, this is why “they” hate us; terrorists do not fear attacking us because they know can do so without risk of reprisal. No Democrat candidate offers to change any of this.

My hope for change is that America will re-grow its spine. Democrats offer no hope for our security let alone our survival; they barely acknowledge the threat. Our only hope for change is John McCain.

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