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Letter: America’s proper role

David Le Vine
Vail, CO Colorado

Least anyone misunderstand: I do believe in a strong national defense as well as an emphasis on “homeland security.” What I don’t believe in is the sacrifices that we are demanding of our servicemen and the monstrous debt that we’re incurring for a national offense.

For too long we have been international gadflies as we tried to spread the virtues of democracy and/or have become involved in problems that are not vital to our own interests. Those have taken us to parts of the world and various situations that we really haven’t fully understood (like Iraq and Pakistan); and we have taken positions that have been neither well conceived nor successful. Not only that, but our “high-minded” policies have had no consistent rationale. I mean, why do we condemn Russia and China and Cuba for not respecting human rights while we go on cuddling up to Saudi Arabia?

We are absolutely right when we condemn the stupid terrorists of al Qaeda, but do we have a responsibility to stamp out the movement on a worldwide basis ” especially when we’re getting little support and lots of criticism? I happen to think not! Should we continue to lose lives and bankrupt our economy in order to validate our position as a super power? Again, I happen to think not!

I say, let’s stress homeland security! Then, let’s just be highly moral citizens of the world while we create better lives for our own people. We can do that!

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