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Letter: An open letter to the Vail Town Council

Your recent letter to the community asking for civil dialogue says that “We have strict processes in place that maintain a fair and impartial process for all. Upholding the town of Vail’s codes and ordinances should not lead to personal attacks on our board members or their character.”

I strongly agree that personal attacks have no place in any town debates, period. However, in the Booth Heights process, you have recently done at least two things that have not maintained “a fair and impartial process for all,” and that have therefore contributed to the impassioned atmosphere.

First, you decided not to call up the Planning and Environmental Commission’s decision to approve the development by voting during your work session, without either public notice or public input. Is that really “fair and impartial?”

Second, you have created a process for hearing the appeals on Booth Heights that requires that “the hearing shall be concluded and a final decision rendered prior to the new Town Council members being sworn into office.” Some of the issues raised by the appeals demand additional study, which probably cannot be concluded within such an arbitrary timeline. Is placing such a timeline on the process really “fair and impartial?”

I do respect each of you, and the service you have given to the town we all love, but I hope that you, and all our citizens, even those who favor Booth Heights, will give serious thought to these questions. 

Going forward, please consider your actions more carefully.

We all need exactly what you set forth in your letter, “a fair and impartial process for all.”

Please do all you can to provide it.

Pete Feistmann