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Letter: Angy White Wiseman?

Liz Fischer
Vail, CO Colorado

It’s obvious why you chose to pick up Gary Hubbell’s “Angry White Man” article from the Aspen Times. Rarely do you find commentary so sharp and insightful. In fact at times his intellectual prowess went beyond my comprehension, but then again I’m a woman ” more emotional than rational and slow on picking up some of the finer points in Hubbell’s argument.

For example, I was not aware that there were people who “need killing.” Nor did I know that someone could be both dirt poor and an employer, or a green party member who belongs to the NRA and voted for President Bush. Perhaps Hubbell was a little too inclusive in his description of the angry white man. He was very clear, however, about what makes them so angry. “Press one for English” in a county where another first language is spoken in a quarter of homes?

Outrageous! And though he generously asserts that this angry white man (read Hubbell) is neither sexist nor racist, “he is annoyed and disappointed when people exhibit behavior that typifies the worst stereotypes of their races.” In portraying negative stereotypes about white men I can’t find a better example than this article.

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