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Letter: Avon ballot issue makes sense

Sharon Greene, Avon

On Tuesday, May 6, voters in Avon are being asked to make local government more efficient by giving the Avon Town Council the ability to sell or transfer town property.

That seems like a “no-brainer” to me.

Avon’s current charter requires that an election be held every time the town needs to buy, sell or transfer property. That requirement is archaic, cumbersome and expensive, and it unnecessarily delays and complicates the process of implementing the town’s exciting redevelopment plans.

Under the proposed amendment, the town will be required to make sure that contemplated transactions fall within prescribed guidelines.

Townspeople will have ample opportunity to weigh in on each transaction being considered. And, if they take exception with any decision made by the town, they can challenge it.

That sounds reasonable to me.

In a representative democracy, the people elect representatives to act in their behalf. This frees citizens from having to make every decision, large and small, that may come before the municipality. It empowers elected representatives to study, debate and ultimately decide what is in the best interest of the citizens. I am confident that we have elected responsible, intelligent and dedicated councilors who will make sound decisions, and that we will continue to do so. That makes perfect sense to me.

I can’t wait to see Avon transformed into a more cohesive, dynamic and pedestrian-friendly town.

Let’s give Council the tools they need to make it happen. Vote yes in Avon on May 6.

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