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Letter: Avon recall effort is a waste of time

You may have seen Michael Cacioppo and Tom Ruemmler out and about collecting signatures to recall Sarah Smith Hymes, Amy Phillips, and Tamra Underwood from the Avon Town Council, with the justification that these public servants won’t repeal Avon’s real estate transfer tax. Please do not sign this petition. This recall is terrible for Avon and it would be a waste of our tax money to hold this election. 

Having and keeping the RETT is crucial for Avon. Without it, Avon’s revenues will be cut and we will not have the same funds available for plowing and repaving roads, making improvements to the rec center, funding the police department, or running special events. The claim that RETT is hurting Avon real estate sales is ludicrous. Terrible roads will hurt our values even more. 

The RETT argument is just a strawman for what is really happening — some misanthropes trying to intimidate the women councilmembers to resign.  Those behind this effort are not trying to recall the men on the Avon Town Council who voted to retain the RETT, and one of them lost in the last election and is now trying to make life miserable for the women who won.

I have worked with Sarah, Amy and Tamra. They are smart, work tirelessly, and apply their significant talents to benefit our whole community. I am grateful that these women are working for all of us in Avon. Tom Ruemmler suggested that the women resign from Council to save the thousands needed for the recall election. I would instead ask that Tom and Michael move out of Avon; I’ve read Playa Del Carmen is nice. Please do not help these sore losers in their effort to overturn the will of Avon voters.

Craig Ferraro


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