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Letter: Avon should keep its rights

Buz Reynolds, Jr., former mayor
Avon CO, Colorado

On May 6, 2008, the town of Avon will have a mid-year election. In the past, we usually had only a few things on the ballot because most of the citizens are not here.

But this election day, the residents are asked to vote on something that is extremely important to our community. It is an ordinance allowing the Avon Town Council to take control of town-owned property. This would give the Avon Town Council the authority to, at any time, sell our parks and open space and use the money for other projects within the town.

I know most of the people who live in this town are transplants from many parts of the country. We moved to the town of Avon for many reasons. Some of the reasons could be: clean air, mountain vistas, or our natural surroundings. We left areas that had been over-built, over-populated and over-urbanized, areas that were developed until the infrastructures were finally over-burdened. If the town of Avon sells some of the publicly owned properties, the developers will try to maximize the property and build buildings similar to the Westin and new gondola on the Confluences parcel. Just imagine five more Westins in the town of Avon. I am not saying that is what’s going to happen, but there is a lot of open space in the town. Anything is possible for a future council that might have different ideas about open space or is tight on funding.

Our parks and open space are too important to us. They protect our wildlife and allow us to enjoy our natural surroundings. These properties protect view corridors and give us space to play with our children on grass instead of asphalt. If the Town Council wants to sell a piece of town property they need to ask its people. That is the what the current town charter dictates and that is the way it should stay. The Town Council should never have the authority to sell public land without the vote and approval of the people of Avon.

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