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Letter: Avon taxpayers will benefit

Amy C. Phillips, Avon Town Councilor

To Avon taxpayers and voters,

Please vote yes on Avon’s charter amendment Tuesday.

My perspective is that this change will streamline the Town of Avon charter so that the process for selling land is in line with the process for buying land.

Currently the council would go through our standard process of public meetings, etc. to acquire a parcel of land (and spend tax dollars) but not to sell or trade public land. This is a rigorous process that includes two public hearings and if the council makes a bad decision, either buying or selling land, the public would be able to petition (Under 200 signatures) to call it to a vote. The cost to the taxpayers for a vote would only be felt if the council made a bad decision and the public petitioned for a vote on that decision.

The public vote costs a bunch of money (around $10,000).

The motivation is that we are anticipating needing to swap several parcels in both East and West town center to implement the town center plans and to straighten out our rather wacky streets. Cleaning up this inconsistency by a one-time vote, rather than a vote every time we want to straighten a road, is the most cost effective way to do this.

Even after the process and language in the charter is amended the public would be informed of the sale or swap in a public manner, prior to the council voting, and if the council made a decision that was not supported by the people the number of signatures needed to bring it to a vote is small (under 200 signatures I think) and then the taxpayers would only be burdened with the expense of a vote in this type of case.

Avon is a small town and even with anticipated growth we will continue to be. Avon voters have proven their ability to elect thoughtful, forward-thinking, community-minded councilors. We are and will continue to be your friends, neighbors and business associates who are accessible and available.

We are at the post office, City Market, Starbucks and Loaded Joes, not in some far away location with little interaction with our constituents. A yes vote helps reduce the cost of the implementation of the communities plans and reinforces the importance of holding the Avon Town Council accountable for all of their decisions.

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