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Letter: Bad headline in Vail Daily

Cheryl Lindstrom
Edwards, CO Colorado

I must take exception to your headline “Teen girls becoming more promiscuous?” on March 12, which implies that the rise in STD rates for young women is solely a result of their actions (or lack thereof). Last I heard, it takes two to tango. Promiscuity will raise the odds, but there are plenty of men and women who have been infected with STDs without engaging in promiscuous behavior.

That women should take responsibility for their own health and safety is imperative, a lesson we learned long ago and are passing on to our daughters. Read last week’s headlines; Client 9, a highly educated elected official who clearly should know better, wanted unsafe sex, which, if allowed, put everyone who had sexual contact with him at risk, not to mention the ripple effect through their other partners. In this day and age to suggest (as your headline does) that men have no role in the transmission or prevention of STDs is both ignorant and sexist and just perpetuates the centuries-old myth that men “sow wild oats” while women who do the same are less than honorable. Shame on you. Our children deserve better.

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