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Letter: Bad news for Eagle Co. renters

Don and Becky Horst
Vail CO, Colorado

A form of this letter will be going out to each of our tenants this year:

Dear Tenant(s):

Re: Upcoming lease renewal July 1, 2008

We strive to provide affordable and comfortable housing in a very expensive resort area market. We prefer to increase rents only when necessary to cover increased costs of doing business. Due to property tax increases imposed this year of up to 40 percent by the Eagle County taxing authorities, greatly increased property tax assessments, as well as increased insurance and office costs we will be increasing the rent for the home you are leasing at XXX. Effective July 1, 2008, your lease will be up for renewal, and the rent for the property you have occupied will be increasing to $1,750 per month. We are giving you two-months notice of the increase instead of the usual one month. This will allow you a month to think about it before letting us know if you intend to renew your lease.

We think that you will find that this rental rate is still well below average for this area and for this size/type of home. We hope that you will choose to stay as you have been good tenants.

Please return this notification by June 1 indicating whether you intend to renew or move.

” We will be renewing the lease.

” We will be moving out at the end of June, 2008.

Thank you.


Don and Becky Horst

*It is our understanding that this year’s unusually large property tax increase is to be used in part to fund “affordable housing” by our Eagle County Commissioners. Unfortunately the commissioners did not think about how the increases in tax rates coupled with increased property assessments actually work to increase the cost of existing housing making it less affordable. If you wish to comment your Eagle County Commissioners they are:

Arn Menconi ” arn.menconi@eaglecounty.us

Sara Fisher ” sara.fisher@eaglecounty.us

Peter Runyon ” peter.runyon@eaglecounty.us

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