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Letter: Be quiet about Eagle Co. housing

Joe McHugh Dallas, Texas

Most of our local politicians, taxing authorities, and the Vail Daily spend a lot of time and generate a lot of angst complaining about, hand-wringing over, and doing nothing about the subject of “affordable” housing.

Meanwhile, our local politicians and taxing authorities in Vail, Avon, Eagle, Eagle County and the Eagle County School District strive mightily to make the problem worse by steadily raising real estate taxes on homeowners ” most recently by an astronomical amount ” thereby rendering un-affordable that which had been only barely “affordable”.

This brilliant strategy might force many local homeowners to put their property up for sale at the bottom (hopefully) of a severely depressed housing market, or to foolishly re-finance their fixed-rate mortgage via some more appealing and temporarily lower rate adjustable-rate mortgage, amove they will live to regret when the market and interest rates rebound.

While the Vail Daily might be excused for continuing to rant since its one of its journalistic duties to highlight local public issues, the rest of us will greatly appreciate from our local politicians and taxing authorities recognizing a period of silence on the subject of affordable housing until such time as they begin to abate the problem and take meaningful steps to help resolve it via some intelligent action.

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