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Letter: Beardo?

Barrett Chow
Edwards, CO Colorado

As a high school student who needs to shave all of once a week, beards aren’t that big of a deal to me. I envy Scott Parker and the Peter Forsberg who can grow the best playoff beards until this day. Scott Niedermayer’s is up there when the Ducks go deep. Beards also go with a person’s ethnicity and are either accepted or shunned by their community. For example the Hispanic population at Battle Mountain High School tends to grow a “mustache,” which in reality is just a “Dirty Jersey” ” or a whole lot of peach fuzz. Meanwhile, I have seen many white teens criticized by their parents for even considering letting the peach fuzz grow.

Some beards need time to reach full potential. I am not against the beard, if you can grow it, go for it! I also agree with Charlie when he states that your five o’clock shadow comes into speculation, because nobody wants to hire someone who looks like they had just crawled out from under a rock. Now to the pictures, why does the toothbrush guy look like Hitler? There could also have been some updated styles like the “Dirty Jersey,” “Landing Strip” or the “Trucker.”

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