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Letter: Beaver Creek trip is a hassle

Marc Huley, Aspen
Vail CO, Colorado

In this era of customer service and convenience, how can the Town of Avon and Beaver Creek Resort possibly take a major step backwards with regard to the new transportation system?

I recently returned from a four-day ski getaway and have been taking vacations with many friends who own timeshares in Avon for about the past 20 years, and we are all perplexed as to why the two entities have made it so difficult to get to Beaver Landing or Beaver Creek Village.

In past years, we walked outside our condo, hopped on one bus and had the choice of getting off at Beaver Landing or riding that same bus up to the village. Last week, we had to learn a whole new approach to accessing the mountain. Now, because of one reason or another (political I was told) we have to catch one bus and ride it for about 3 minutes, get off that bus, walk a short distance to the gondola, hop on that mode of transportation for about 3 minutes and get off to be at Beaver Landing. If we wanted to go to the village, we would have to do the same except switch to another bus at the Landing to go to the village. Or, from outside the condo we could hop one bus to the parking lots and switch to another bus to either get off at the Landing or go all the way to the village.

So, now instead of one bus, we have the option of riding two buses or riding a bus, a gondola and another bus. Convenient and customer service oriented? Hardly.

What on earth were you geniuses thinking? Are you trying to dissuade people from coming to your town/resort? And then of course, after skiing, when you’re totally wiped from skiing hard all day, we had the same options for getting back to the condo. Let me tell you, having to climb the stairs on the bus carrying skis is no easy task when you’re very tired.

I think the gondola is a nice looking, fast way to ride up the hill, but I always thought that a gondola should take you to places where no other form of transportation was able to. This gondola takes you to Beaver Landing where buses go. Yes, it is faster than the buses, but what used to be a simple way of getting on the mountain now takes a degree in transportation science.

You need also consider the various situations in which parents may have to escort their children with their equipment on to two or three modes of transportation instead of one. I’ve seen how difficult it can be just to haul all the kid’s equipment on to one bus, but now can you imagine the scene when they have to change buses or try to squeeze the family and gear in to a gondola? And the friends I ski with (I’ll say it politely) are eligible for senior lift tickets, so forcing this population to switch buses or hop gondolas is not the most convenient way to move people who normally may have trouble climbing stairs while carrying skis. And, I won’t even go there when considering the disabled.

I would hope that the two parties involved in royally screwing up your transportation system in and around Avon and Beaver Creek could resolve this issue soon. You have turned what used to be a very comfortable, convenient, easy way of getting on the mountain into what now is a major hassle. I don’t know the whole scenario behind the reason for the change in moving skiers but I am not alone in my opinion that in this case, the old way was the better way. Change is sometimes difficult for some but this is one change that has negatively impacted your visitors.

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