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Letter: Behavior makes BMHS look bad

Francisco Villa
Vail CO, Colorado

Week after week, problem after problem, Battle Mountain High School has been going down with its students’ behavior and reputation. I believe that the school should really take more action with their students and make punishments that would make students regret what they did, and really make them think about it before they do it again. Maybe suspension from school is not a good punishment because it’s just like giving an excused vacation ” more than a disciplinary act, it’s like a rewarding them for their wrong-doing. I mean don’t have them stay at home and let them sleep in, make them come to school earlier and clean the toilets or something.

And like I said before in past articles, these kid’s parents should really be aware of what their kids are doing. If you had them, it’s your fault, why should others pay for your disasters? Sorry if I’m being mean, but I really think that kids with no love in their homes come out to be drug abusers and a threat to the community.

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