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Letter: Beware Eagle County thieves

Lynn Arguello
Eagle, CO Colorado

Sadly enough, theft happens in school. The latest victim would be my son. He turned 15 last week and received an iPhone for his birthday, obviously over the moon about it. After owning the phone for just two days, someone stole the phone out of the locker room after school.

This thief obviously knew my son had the phone, watched him stuff his street clothes into the locker, watched him leave the locker room to pratice lacrosse, and stole the phone. All I can ask this thief is, do you know what “karma” means? Find out, because it is going to happen to you whether you like it or not. I hope you are happy with your new phone that you cannot use. (Did you think that I would not cancel service?) The worst part of this story is that I feel guilt for scolding my son for losing something so valuable. In reality, he was taken advantage of by his peers, someone he is supposed to look up to. I know, I know, many people will say “Kids should not taken their valuable belongs to school,” right? Well, if you are a parent of a high schooler, I know you will agree that it is our only means of communication with our children after school hours. I know too many students who have been robbed of their belongings at school. This has got to stop.

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