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Letter: Big Daddy Government

Mimi Moos
Eagle, CO Colorado

Comrades: Boy! I have never heard such a bunch of cry babies. “Oh, they raised my assessed value 42 percent; Oh! they raised by taxes 42 percent and they won’t lower them!” “Oh, I have a bad road with potholes.” I live off a road that many folks have actually driven off of, went over the ridge and ended up on Brush Creek Road!

Excitement like that doesn’t come cheap. Living in Eagle is somewhat like living in the days of the “Good Old Wild West.” There’s a new sign down at the Assessor/Tax Office ” “STICK EM UP!” But not to worry, your dream home is just a government-subsidized house away. You might want to beat the rush and just give Eagle County all your money now so you can be the first to sign up for a unit.

Comrades, I am so naive. Little did I know when I had to commute to my job in New York City (one bus, two trains and a long walk) in snow, rain and heat waves (one to two hours each way) that I was entitled to employee housing. I bet none of you knew there was gold in these here hills … well our county government did. I’m guessing, but I am thinking for many of you who worked hard all your life and settled down here you thought it was for good. Wrong again. Gosh you are hard to convince. The government is all knowing, all giving and all whatever!

P.S.: There’s a wagon train getting ready to leave for New Mexico where it has been said Big “Daddy” Government hasn’t moved in yet.

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