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Letter: Blown away by Eagle Co. tax bill

Orv Peterson, Vail
Vail Co, Colorado

Given the fact that by now every property owner in Eagle County has already received their 2008 tax notice, I’m amazed there’s been no outcry over the egregious increases foisted on us by our local elected officials.

Have we really all become a flock of mindless sheep ” or is the county now populated only by patronizers of the tax-and-spend approach for social reinvention?

Can anyone in their right mind possibly believe that increases in residential taxes of 20-80 percent don’t have an effect on the rental rates that landlords have to charge their tenants in coming years? How is that fact supposed to help the county’s often-stated affordable housing agenda?

The same issue holds true for commercial property landlords. Is this kind of malignant taxation really good for our economy and for our local businesses?

If anyone’s interested, we just published a brief analysis of the differences in property taxes between 2007 and 2008 for all regions of the county. You can review this paper at http://pdsdata.net/eagle/2008/Taxcomp.htm.

Should what you find there not sit particularly well with you, why don’t you get in touch with our county commissioners and let them know that you don’t appreciate them taxing us to the point that we’re driven out of living in the county ” and we particularly don’t enjoy being economically raped to support their pet social programs that were neither voted for nor wanted by the majority of our residents.

Editor’s note: Property taxes rose as a direct result of property values going up and the decision by many taxing entities ” not just the Eagle County Board of Commissioners ” to keep their property tax rates the same.

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