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Letter: Boebert is a clear and present danger

A June 14 tweet from GOP congressional candidate Lauren Boebert in which she declared, “I am the militia,” had me very upset. Since following her Twitter account feed, I’ve become increasingly perplexed, and just dumbfounded that this woman garners any support from Colorado District 3. 

Her tweet incited fear and intimidation. Furthermore, her picture with the strapped Glock to her thigh, and surrounded by men carrying semi-automatic weapons, is a call to violence. This is the same woman who demands the right, if elected, to carry her weapon into Congress.

Boebert’s sordid history with the law, her disregard of county ordinances requiring specific health and safety measures when re-opening her restaurant, past-due tax liens against her business, misrepresentation of her mother’s political preferences and background, refusal to debate her opponent, while at the same time, requesting to send a “surrogate” in her place, have led me to believe she is unfit to hold any legislative office in Colorado.

Not one Tweet, Facebook post, or her website contains any informative or educational substance with respect to our congressional district’s issues.  Even her stump speeches contain no mention of policy, nor does she welcome questions from the mostly maskless attendees. How could this woman protect the health of our district when she is against all common-sense federal and state practices in the time of a national pandemic? Moreover, Boebert thrives on divisive rhetoric, alienating the majority of our district who wants decency, respect, leadership, and the desire to improve our lives. There is nothing Boebert offers except for her vitriol and ignorance of the issues constituents are facing.

Should Boebert somehow win the election, however, her lack of experience with policy, negotiation, and law, will make her easy prey succumbing to Washington lobbyists and PACs who will steer her to their way of thinking, not ours.

In stark contrast, Diane Mitsch Bush, the Democratic congressional candidate, tweets and posts clear-cut policy issues that impact our rural constituents. Diane maintains an active weekly cadence of communication with all CD-3 counties via highly attended Zoom sessions and religiously answers questions from voters. These sessions not only help constituents better understand the current state vs. federal policies impacting agriculture, education, climate, etc. but enable Diane to better understand what we need and expect. She follows through.

She has the experience of working a political arena, and was recognized by the Colorado State Legislature for her effective bipartisan workmanship.  Perhaps this is why more and more CD-3 Republicans and independents are supporting her. Diane’s website contains actual policy concerning the specific issues that impact our district. Please, if nothing else, take a point and click on Diane’s website and read how she will truly help and work for all of us. We need Diane Mitsch Bush representing Colorado District 3.

Lisa Katze-Fanger


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