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Letter: Brett Favre deserves respect

Chip Bartsch
Vail, CO Colorado

Your piece on Brett Favre shows a complete lack of respect. I have read many national editorials on Favre since his retirement, and find you to be the only one to say Favre is “downright overrated.” While other writers pointed out Favre’s faults, you were the only one who failed to give him respect. I am sorry that you found it so difficult to find three nice things to say about him. You brush off his records as a sign of the times, referencing legends of the past, while ignoring his legendary peers (who also played with modern rules.) Many other writers agree that the records were unimportant, compared to his playmaking ability. He took risks. Some turned out to be foolish. Others led to some of the most exciting moments in the history of the sport. He inspired many. He never gave up. You classify his bravado as stupidity, only a few paragraphs after insulting your reader with a completely inane and irrelevant introduction. Talk about stupid! Your reminder of Favre’s start in still hapless Atlanta is just as irrelevant to your point.

In the end, I find your entire article to be irrelevant, and completely lacking in class.

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