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Letter: Bringing back wolves is a dangerous idea

The reintroduction of wolves into Colorado is an unnecessary, expensive and dangerous idea.

The Stop the Wolves Coalition states that “it’s a disastrous proposal that will impact our wildlife, livestock, and Colorado’s growing population, but it’s also not fair to the wolves.” Because of the danger wolves pose to livestock, ranchers risk the loss of parts of their herds which is their livelihood.

Chad Vorthmann, executive vice president of the Colorado Farm Bureau, reported that, just as predicted, wolves are making their way into Colorado on their own. This measure is pointless and will only lead to wasted taxpayer dollars and increased bureaucracy. Estimates are that the cost of managing this program will run from $300,000 in 2021-22 and will escalate to $800,000 by 2023-24.

And finally, the Rocky Mountain Elk Association is quoted as saying Forced introduction of wolves to Colorado would cost untold amounts of taxpayer dollars, redirect already limited wildlife management resources and would have a significant negative economic impact to the state. In Colorado, you are dealing with about a third of the land mass of the Northern Rockies’ states but almost double the human population. A forced reintroduction would trigger the potential for real issues in the state.” This is particularly worrisome as many people live and work in areas being considered for gray wolf habitat.

Vote no on Proposition 114.

Max Schmidt


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