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Letter: Bringing order to Vail Pass pile-up

Ginger Cooley
Vail CO, Colorado

I wanted to let you know what an amazing group of fireman, EMT, and other emergency help the town of Vail has.

I was directly in front of the semitruck that jack-knifed and was horrified for the cars that were behind him. I felt so helpless because I knew people were hurt.

All I could do was push the emergency red cross button in my car and scream to the operator to get help and get it fast.

Before I knew it your amazing team from Vail was on the scene. They took care of the injured first and then brought some order to such chaos by telling those who were not hurt to put on their hazards. They continued to check on everyone making sure we

were O.K. Their presence brought amazing comfort, you just knew things would be all right, that we would be taken care of.

I can not thank them enough for again putting their lives on the line to save and help others!

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