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Letter: Buckley will listen

Susan Weaver
Avon CO, Colorado

Buckley will listen

Debbie Buckley is a candidate for county commissioner, and as a resident of Eagle County, I can’t say it strongly enough: We need Debbie Buckley to win!

I have spoken with Debbie on several occasions. She is smart and she is knowledgeable about our state and county. She cares enough to want to help everyone, not just the Republican Party she represents.

But in these days of high-stress politics, all I hear is one speech overlapping another. People are rude. The loudest voice wins, and one day we all will be impaired by the constant shouting. We will be sick from being told what to do, how to think, what we need and when. In other words, society will turn into a collection of mindless robots.

But Debbie Buckley is the one who stands apart from the crowd. Debbie is focused, and she stays true to her values. Most of all, Debbie Buckley listens! When she speaks, she has something to say. She never will interrupt or jump into someone else’s business. She just wants to know what her con-stituents desire so that she can get to work implementing programs and ideas that will benefit the entire county.

Maybe this is just my personal opinion, but I truly believe we need to elect Debbie Buckley. She actually listens to the things we want and what we feel is needed by this county. Debbie Buckley lis-tens. What a concept!

Susan Weaver Avon

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