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Letter: Bush promotes Muslim phobia

Laura Hammett
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

It never ceases to amaze me how intolerant some Americans can be. Bush has bamboozled many people into thinking that all Muslims are evil. I am embarrassed as an American when I read reports that bring up Barack Obama’s name as a reason why he is unfit for presidency.

Yes, Obama’s grandfather was a practicing Muslim, but how many grandparents in America have grandchildren who didn’t adopt their values or cultural practices? Tons! This is what our country is all about, America is a cultural Mecca! The more I read about the negative generalization of the Islamic faith the more I feel the Bush Administration is to blame. They have instilled an impractical fear in all of us. America is a nation of immigrants; we’re full of different cultures, filled to the brim! We should be way more open-minded than this. Americans have a lot of stereotypes too. Do you actually possess all or any of them? Probably not. If you don’t want to be discriminated against because of uncontrollable circumstances (such as a name) I suggest you don’t do it to others, Muslim or otherwise.

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