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Letter: Butch Mazzuca’s column biased

David Le Vine
Vail, CO Colorado

The heading of Butch Mazzuca’s most recent column should have been “Butch Mazzuca’s Biased Interpretation” instead of “Obama’s Pastor Disaster.”

There can be no question that the relationship between Reverend Wright and Mr. Obama justifies some amount of consideration; but beyond that thought, Mr. Mazzuca treats the episode with wild generalities and obvious prejudice.

For starters: He states that “the mainstream media” attempted to “downplay the story. The fact is that, MSNBC. and CNN, plus most other media outlets, covered it in great detail ” included the endless playing of the “clips” re. Reverend Wright.

He then goes on to say: “Mr. Obama joined the church as a matter of political expediency” and to “further his political career.” The fact is that Mr. Obama became a member of the church because he was searching for religious teaching and Reverend Wright provided just that. And that occurred long before he entered the political arena.

While there is no question the some of Reverend Wright’s sermons were distorted, offensive and unpatriotic, there is no knowledge indicating that Mr. Obama ” or his wife or children ” were present at those particular services. Least of all, “every Sunday,” as Mr. Mazzuca writes.

Mr. Mazzuca goes on to state that Mr. Obama’s claim to “better judgment” is based on one issue ” “being against the war in Iraq.” I would suggest that his “better judgment” includes participating in public service, vying for positions as Senator and President (no easy decisions), being an agent of “change,” plus his positions re. diplomacy, education, health care, immigration, and the economy.

I really could go on, however, I do hope that I’ve “made a case” that passing judgment on the issue of whether or not Mr. Obama should have indignantly disowned Reverend Wright is a really tough call and virtually impossible if you have a very negative bias. After all, he has vehemently denied the validity of Reverend Wright’s egregious remarks. And very importantly, his own life and experiences validate that denial!

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