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Letter: Cartoon in Monday paper was disgusting

I have been reading the Vail Daily, off and on, for years and never have I seen such a disgusting show of stupidity and lack of moral fiber. Your cartoon in the Oct. 5 Monday paper, regarding  Trump having COVID-19, is truly off the rails. 

To mock any human being as being ill and showing joy and frivolity in such a state is just common vulgar and disgusting. What must the young people who see this think of an adult playing up to such a cruel and inhuman cartoon? I am sure there are many like myself who are worried about Trump’s health and take umbrage at this insult. You are in a position to help folks understand what is going on and telling the truth and giving an unbiased opinion. When did you fall down in this manner?  You are failing miserably in the trust of the newspaper world.  Shame, shame on you in spades!!

Dianne Bartlett  

Vail lover and past home owner

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