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Letter: Censorship " a liberal’s compromise

Ron Ownby, Gypsum CO, Colorado

Re: Rev. Jack Van Ens column in the April 19 edition of the Vail Daily, “Obama excels at compromise”.

Mr. Van Ens, I laughed out loud when I read that statement.

However, after thinking a moment about it, you are somewhat correct in that he has compromised his judgment with whom he hangs out with and calls his “friends.”

It’s also true he excels in speech-making platitudes and voting “present” on many Senate legislation votes. The only legislation I have heard he co-sponsored was several weeks ago on a bill in the Senate, which over 10 years will donate several hundred billion dollars for African aid? I did not hear the outcome of that legislation. Otherwise, Obama does not have a record in the U.S. Senate or Illinois legislature, or perhaps I just need enlightenment?

Mr. Van Ens, I will pray for you that you may attain a sense of humor some day.

May I apologize first for calling you a liberal. You may be a progressive. It’s hard to know nowadays since liberals cannot be honest about who they are.

I am a conservative, bet you couldn’t guess.

Limbaugh pokes fun at almost everyone including himself. If you cannot laugh at yourself or others being poked fun at, then turn the knob to another station. You can exert your own censorship willingly by tuning out. There, that’s a solution for all of us that would be called compromise. Limbaugh, unlike Obama, will not compromise his principles to advance himself in his chosen profession.

Not to worry, if Obama is elected he will shut down conservative talk radio, all in the name of fairness, of course. Wait and see, that’s liberal compromise ” agree with me, or else we will shut you up.

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