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Letter: Change Eagle Co. open space fund

Mark Callaway
Vail CO, Colorado

It is too late to alter the Gates and Bair Ranch deals, but hopefully some sanity will come into process in future. How can Eagle County taxpayers’ money be spent for space we have no access to? Can I go camp, hunt, hike or fish on either of these properties?

Open space money should be used for parks or areas that benefit the general public. I applaud Debbie Buckley for challenging the appraisal of Gates Ranch. The appraisal should be based on a price that an individual would pay to buy ranch as a ranch. The ranch is a business and few people will buy a business that requires long hours for small returns for millions of dollars.

Eagle County has better places to spend our tax dollars. Parking in Vail, affordable housing, actual parks. One of the Gates brothers said he would use money to buy another ranch. Will he ask for money from the open space fund or just sell to developer a few years down road?

The open space fund initiative should be altered now that the taxpayers of Eagle county see how it is interpreted by the powers in charge. More stringent guidelines that reflect how the majority of taxpayers would like money spent would be a start.

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